Dear Fear,

I can no longer cling to you like I used to cling to you because I am no longer the same person that I was when you came into my life. I have allowed you to alter not only my character but my heart, but fear doesn’t live here anymore. I allowed you to condition me to believe that love, permanence, and family were unattainable. I allowed you to make me treat people as though they weren’t enough or that their past is a reflection of their presence but fear you haven’t paid rent here since you moved in. I can no longer afford you, so expensive to my brain that you cripple my growth. I have held on to you so tight that my nails have embedded themselves into my palms, I have blocked blessings and given chances away to other people that should have been mine, you can’t stay here. I’m not that girl anymore, that girl whose heart was so heavy that I felt hopeless. You did that to me, but I don’t have anything to be afraid about anymore. There might still be scars in my palms but I’ll openly extend them for healing. I’m no longer afraid to give love or to receive it because I go forward fearless and capable. You’re not mine to keep, go feast on someone else’s soul, because this is your eviction notice. Go burden a heart that is actually yours to burden, because mine will never be again.



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