Unassailable Logic


Dark features I could stare at you and get lost in myself. You are the epitome of what it means to be so enticing that I have to take a deep breath. Non-reactive, you are my complete opposite, but I need to know you.  Need to be part of the ups and downs that your day consists of, because your existence moves me. I am but a person in a world of infinite people but the moment I saw you, and I mean saw you saw you, my life altered. And I don’t mean saw you in an intimate way, I mean the first moment I really made you smile and I could genuinely feel you. This is not a ode to you, it would be belittling to think that you could receive everything I feel without looking at my lips.  Because my lips have so much to say and my eyes are so passionate when I even speak your name.I am infatuated with even the thought of you and I can’t even look you in your eyes while trying to restrain my soul. You have replied to the vacant announcement in the depths of my mind and I don’t want to even interview any other applicants. I am consumed and I’m not scared, because I know what I bring to the table and I know you’d clear it and lay me there just to be able to fully take me in. My creative spirit yearns for your inspiration, and think pieces take life at your will. I’ve come alive and if this is the hand that you’re playing, I unquestionably fold.


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