Know You.


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I don’t know where I’ve been. If I’ve been waiting for sun falls, to roam hidden streets, I didn’t notice. All I know is that I’ve awakened at the same times for months and I don’t know how its June or how I’m 24. I’m in a new place that I say I haven’t had time to explore, haven’t taken in the smell to get accustomed to my senses. I don’t feel the same, I don’t know me but I know that I’ve been existing but not truly living. So I woke up the other day and submitted my two weeks because I’ve never known life to pull me away from happiness. I’ve never known living a purposeless life and I can’t advocate selling souls for a price. I feel, deeply, and if waking up and not knowing who I am could become as routine as it had, I won’t breathe because sharp pains like that linger when you aren’t true to yourself. Accepting that the world isn’t perfect, we thrive within realms that separate us from ourselves, and we go with it because it feels like it is what we’re supposed to do. But since when did you lose your ability to choose what it is you will fully stand for? How can you go to your place of employment and be ok with the fact that you are working hard for what feels like the wrong company? I know that I possess too much heart to know so deeply that a company doesn’t fit, and still try to force it anyway. It isn’t always easy to make these decisions, especially when there are bills to be paid, but when you fully recognize your potential and understand how much you have to offer in life, you will never simply settle because you want to be comfortable. 


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