Chess Pawns.


I think that everyone has this fear of holding on to things because we keep in mind all the things that have slipped from our grasp. We take on the evasive nature of things as a me vs. them type of situation but what we don’t take into consideration is that it is a them vs. them situation instead. Internalizing fall outs, that’s what we do. We take on their evasiveness with our need to ground them and before we know it we’re dealing with what we knew we would be dealing with from the very beginning if we would have chosen to look at the situation from outside ourselves. How did self preservation become so misconstrued? When did evasiveness become essential to adapting? We don’t want to be left open anymore, I get it, but all these defense mechanisms seem more like war tactics rather than arts of love. I don’t know when love and commitment and caring stopped being survival instincts and in came deceit elusiveness and indifference, but don’t allow yourself to become your own enemy based of past decisions that actually helped define who you are and how you can love in the most passionate of ways.


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