To Kory.


Today I found out an old coworker of mine killed himself and I was in absolute shock. Life gets hard, believe me I know. There are going to be some things that happen that seem like they are going to be unbearable. But to anyone out there reading this who has ever contemplated suicide I want to tell you that your heart is stronger than you will ever know as long as you decide to fight the darkness that can cloud your mind. You can get through anything and I mean anything as long as you decide that who you are is stronger than anything you have ever been through. The love you have for yourself has to outweigh the pain that you feel because you have a story to tell and a presence to bring that no one else can even fathom. In your loneliest days you are love and they may not notice now but your determination to live will be felt. It will be a bleak journey and often times you will feel destroyed but only because your road has not been traveled by you yet. Others may know the path but it is your footprints that will deem it travel-able. Your tears will fall and your heart will burn but you can not give up on yourself because contrary to what you may think in those moments of despair, your very existence has the potential to make a fighter out of the most lost of souls.


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