Think Big.


I was at work the other day and I asked myself the question is loving what you do a privilege? In a world driven by money is it ok for your love of success to outweigh your desire to find something that you consider worth doing? And even in finding something that you deem worth doing, is there time to seek it when there are bills to be paid? So many questions and to be honest I don’t have any of the answers….like none. All I know is that right now I am more than happy with what I make, but do I wake up excited every One question I have come up with an answer to is this: If devoting myself to people is something that I’ve always wanted to do, do I have to be at my dream job to do it? Absolutely not. I don’t have to wait at all. Whatever job you do, do it in a way that inspires people. Listen to how people’s days are going and what it is they need from you in order to take some weight off their shoulders and be there, be present. Be the reason people smile and when you get overwhelmed they’ll be that for you. I’m not saying that the job you do right now is where you’ll be forever, but if you want to spark the changes that can lead to epicness, you have to start somewhere right?


2 thoughts on “Think Big.

  1. Right on! Epic finishes often have modest beginnings. Your post reminded me of the last 60 lines of a poem I wrote in 2004 titled “Crows” that had a modest beginning, and spoke of epic changes that come later in life. I hope you find the sentiments expressed in my thoughts in those lines below as helpful in sparking further ambition towards whatever dreams you are pursuing friend 🙂

    I know Rome wasn’t built in a day
    But every great journey begins with one step
    I’ll put my best foot forward
    Listen closely, I can hear it
    The birds are singing their swan song
    I’m finally facing the music
    And I won’t fiddle while Rome burns
    I’m setting the second fiddle aside
    I’m done fueling this fire
    I won’t take the backseat
    I won’t go along for the ride
    This time I’m taking the wheel
    I’m going to own these birds
    I’m going to strike with just one stone
    And I’ll cast it first
    It may be raining cats and dogs
    But I can’t accept even one more rain check
    I’m going forward rain or shine
    So you can just ignore what you hear through the grapevine
    Because you’ve heard it straight from the horse’s mouth
    I do what I can so don’t look me in the mouth
    I’ll be the dark-horse candidate
    I won’t be dealt with under the table
    I’m turning the tables
    I won’t throw in the towel
    I’m throwing caution to the wind
    I’m done with walking on eggs
    It’s time I started walking on air
    I’m crawling out from behind this eight ball
    I’m ready to play
    I’ve got an ace up my sleeve
    I’ve got wings
    I’ll fly higher everyday
    And I won’t fly-by-night
    I’ll soar through the air with flying colors
    I’ll find the needle in the haystack
    My name won’t be mud anymore
    I’ll make hay while the sun shines
    It may be true that there’s nothing new under the sun
    But I was born under a blue moon
    The eleventh hour has come but it’s not yet twelve
    I won’t hit the hay when there’s still oil to be burned
    I won’t fall asleep at the switch
    My candle may be dripping at opposite ends
    But I can always split it in two
    Then I’ll be able to hold it to these crows with both hands
    I can’t fly to the ninth cloud just yet
    But I know I will
    Where there’s a will there’s a way
    And I know the clouds on the way have silver linings
    I’m ready to fly at the drop of a hat
    I may be at the end of my rope
    But I’m not hanging by a thread
    I won’t fall back to square one
    Hat in hand I’m on my way up
    I’ll find my future
    I’ll escape these crows forever
    I’ll fly to another red-letter day
    The sky’s the limit

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