Fit This.


You hold on to something for so long that when it finally doesn’t feel the same it just hits you all in one instance. I have a problem letting go because I want things to feel the exact same way as they did when they started knowing that most things in life can’t. In the process of life running it’s course you change and you can’t go back for re-dos and you can’t make things that use to fit…fit. You outgrow situations and you cheat yourself not giving yourself enough credit. You change, you do and you can feel it and you notice it and you can try and ignore it if you want but you’re simply doing yourself a disservice by not accepting that you deserve everything. You deserve to let go of the things that don’t fit anymore because you’re not breathing the way you should, you’re not comfortable and you have to realize that you’re the one who decides rather you need to start trying on things that leave room to grow.


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