Life Lemons.


I’m not afraid of hard work, what I am afraid of is working hard for a company that doesn’t hold similar beliefs to those that I have. I’m afraid of being stuck in a position in which I’m not working for the betterment of anyone but myself. I recently found out I’ll be starting a new job at the beginning of next month and because the job title has the word executive in it, I’ve taken it upon myself to dive into truly understanding the meaning of executive. The first definition I came upon read:”A person or group having administrative or managerial authority in an organization,” and from that alone I guess I’ve begun freaking myself out. What if I’m not a leader yet? What if my compassion is so real that I lose focus of being in a management position and get blind sided by my understanding nature? All my life I’ve dreamed of being a boss and being given power, but that fear of losing myself just seems to be a looming thought. During the interview one of the questions they asked me was “What is your biggest weakness?” and I told them my compassion, so what is it that they saw in me that made them think I can overcome it? Maybe this will be perfect for me, maybe I don’t see the leader in myself yet because the demand hasn’t truly been made of me. But as always, in doubt I reflect on the things I’ve managed to overcome and one thing about a person with a resilient heart is it is accompanied by a resilient soul.


One thought on “Life Lemons.

  1. Awesome, inspiring thoughts put into well-articulated and infectious words with poignant, to-the-point language. I especially enjoyed the final sentence – it is an excellent summary of how you view your own capacity to compassionately handle what responsibility you have expressed as suddenly been trust upon you. It is a sentiment that is coincidentally, (though distantly in difference of the cut of the facets of our contrasting lives) relatable to me personally at present.

    I love using the word resilient, so you can assume you have my applause on using it twice in a single sentence! And I also laud the perspective you seem to use when life launches it’s lemons at you – it is an admirable view for navigating the tossing waves of life’s lemons, and a practice I try my damnedest to aspire to, but at times (and times recent) find myself fumbling with as I drop the… ah… lemon. 😉

    I wish you effectiveness and tide-changing compassionate influence in your new role as an executive 🙂

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