A few nights ago I kissed a stranger so passionately that he fell in love with the moment. Both hands on face and eyes closed, I kissed him like I’d know him for an eternity, like he had been at war and a whole year had gone by since I had seen him. I kissed him that way simply because I knew that I would never see him again. I refused to give him my number nor my Instagram and though everything in me wanted to know more about him I took nothing more than his name and the fact that he lives in Miami. Lately I’ve been having lustful moments that I take full advantage of in the mindset that a moment like that will remain in my head for a lifetime. Here is this stranger who will forever wonder who I was and why I refused to disclose any other information and that is fine. I didn’t do it to be mysterious or because I was confused, I did it because I need more people to fall in love with moments. If a moment arises and you don’t try to capture it, are you really living? People live their entire lives wishing they could have an instance back in which they would have made a completely different decision. There is something beautiful about knowing that somewhere out there all a person has is a description of you, and honestly that is all they need. Never forget that in life anything that is meant to be, will be. 


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