I Wanna Get Drunk With You

Thought Catalog

There never seems to be any time for us. Plans change. Dates shift. Minutes stumble into hours, the hours trip into days, and days fall flailing into weeks and months. This drives me crazy. I want to quit responsibility and pop corks and spill laughter.

I wanna get drunk with you.

Cursing clocks and calendars profits neither of us. Patience dictates, like ketchup stuck in the bottle, we must wait for the good things to eventually come to those who wait. But the waiting stretches interminably into the future. I want the future to be now. Now.

Why can’t we find the time? Why does it run from us? Where does it go to hide? There are so many seconds, so many minutes, so many days, it seems it would be so easy to line them up in groups and enjoy them together. Together. I want to banish unfeeling clocks, do away with calendars…

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