Where There Is A Will….


You graduate from college and it is like a search to find out where you’re meant to be in life. All your friends are breaking ground with jobs in their fields and stumbling upon a potential life partner and you think to yourself….fuck….I’m still drinking and no where near ready for commitment.  Everyone is telling you your time is coming but you’ve been looking at the clock, and shit, what time is my offer going to get here? It can be stressful and confusing and sometimes just plain annoying because you’re settling for jobs you don’t want to do just to make money and you start to wonder if a bigger door will ever open, but it will. I know, you hear that so much that you start to realize that sometimes you’re even telling it to yourself when you’re having off days. Just hold on, and whatever job you have to do in the meantime just remember that its temporary. Not one second of your life should be wasted as long as there are things in the world to discover and you have the means to find them. So cheer up because as long as you’re breathing you’re your own inspiration, not what you do. 


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