The sun rises over skyscrapers as we lay entangled in sheets. Eyes unblinking, limbs entangled we are still in last night’s moments. Even the slightest movement awakens you so I lay still knowing that if I get up you’ll grab me back because for the next few days we aren’t in a rush to go anywhere. Upon our arrival we roamed the city letting it consume our senses as we marveled at each other in this temporary setting. We’ve scaled other cities, but never like this. You take hold of my hand, but its different now. So much to discover and so many streets,we just get lost in them. We willingly assimilate and for this weekend we are natives and when tourists come up and ask us how to get somewhere, we don’t just tell them we show them. All our lives we’ve been told that New York is a melting pot, so we taste it all, even each other, because if we’re going to mix in we can’t forget to remember our flavors. 


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