5:59 AM.


I write because most of the time the inner war within myself can become overwhelming. I write because I’m inspired by everyday things and everyday people. I write because you can find a muse anywhere you go as long as your eyes are open. I write because I question my decisions and sometimes I wish I would have chosen to make different ones. I write because my heart and my mind seem to have severed their connection. I write because silence is never louder than the words in my head. I write because sometimes I feel like I am a complete stranger to my own self. I write because beauty seeps from the darkest crevices. I write because I know that suppressing hurtful memories is the number one way to insanity. I write because I walk outside staring at my feet and before I know it I’ve traveled so far I don’t even know where I am because during the entire walk my thoughts consumed me. I write to be free. I write to ease peoples minds. I write because I lie because I hate hurting people. I write because I hate being lied to. I write because even though I hate the two previous things I listed, I understand why we do them. I write because in words I trust people more than through their conversations. I write because sometimes I don’t want to talk about it. I write because I can get so fragile and confused. I write because change seems to be the only consistent thing in life.I write because there are things I can only discover through words. I write to document things and explain them the way that I see them.I write because between the hours of midnight and 5 am I am in my most vulnerable state.


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