3 thoughts on “She.

  1. I like this a lot! I am the one who wrote the prose for Ayse’s “Enigmatic Rose” post that you reblogged… your poem and picture, if it was intended to go with it, totally captures the essence of what I was saying in different words.

    I wish I was skilled at visual art like you and Ayse are. You are a great artist Kaela, I am impressed, and if you posted this inspired by Ayse and my joint post, than I am more than flattered, flattery denotes insincerity and superficiality and being easily effected, and I get that you put time and effort into this post, and if it was inspired by the blog you reblogged after this post, I am beyond flattered and beyond “easily effected”, I am truly impressed and truly appreciate it. 🙂

    Ayse has painted two pictures of me, which I am grateful for and think were awesome and thoughtful, and if you drew that picture inspired by the prose I wrote, than I am grateful for that too, and think it’s awesome and thoughtful as well 🙂 If I have been inspiring to you, that’s really cool, I like that I am able to be. We should definitely get to know each other like I’ve gotten to know Ayse, I’d love to have another artist friend. 😉 The prose was about my girlfriend, but whoever you drew, is quite beautiful too. Thanks for subscribing to me Kaela!

    – Ry

    Sorry for gushing, I am impressed, and this is also somewhat close to how I talk online to people when not feeling impressed, so I guess I am not sorry after all, just being me lol

    1. Let me just say that it was an absolute pleasure reading what you wrote, I was so amazed and smitten with your text that I had to reblog it. “She” was not written by me though, I was scrolling through an app I have on my phone called We Heart It and I stumbled upon that picture and I loved it so much I had to post it as well.You are an amazing writer and I look forward to weekly visits to your page!!

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