Friday Night.


I’m more of a 7pm on a Friday night, the calm before the storm. The hour that you know that you’ve made plans but you have no intentions of getting ready yet. Sometimes I’m more of the long week of work so you’re in the midst of a much needed sleep type of hour. I can even be that moment that your alarm goes off and you’re not sure if you want your weekend to start now or if you can wait until Saturday. I’m just shy of happy hour but perfect for that bottle of liquor awaiting your awakening since last weekend. I’m the gathering of friends, of laughter and joy and even drunken moments. I’m those memories waiting to be made and the set up for the unforgettable recollections Sunday morning. I’m not tangible, not able to be kept or stored, I come and I go, and if you’re lucky you get to see me again at the beginning of next weekend.


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