Mind Twilight.


Incense burning against a blood red wall as smoke filters out into a rainy sky. Floors creak as footsteps wake them from a night of casket like rest. I watch that incense burn and as ashes fall from a passionate flame and produce a scent that eases the mind, I fall into a somewhat intrinsic state. Somehow it is just me in that room, abstract creations and I and it is so silent that I don’t know whether I’m dreaming or if it is all real. My mind is blank, so blank that it is both eerie and peaceful because my mind interprets this as a foreign concept and I wonder if hypnosis is somehow involved. But I don’t care, in this state I don’t have to, I don’t feel anything and I don’t remember tranquility taking hold of my body as it is now. All of a sudden I blink and its over, back to reality, but that moment of unconscious freedom was all I really needed.


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