The Supposed Aimless Wondering.


I followed your foot steps in the sand and they stopped at the water’s edge. I stood there as the waves crashed at my feet and I wondered where you had gone. Did you jump into the ocean and swim as far as you could go or did you walk along the shoreline as the waves erased your footprints? I shaded my eyes as I stood and stared at the sun and it gave no clue to your direction, so I started walking. 5 miles in and I didn’t know if I was still looking for you or if I was lost in my own thought, all I knew is that I couldn’t remember the journey. I couldn’t remember not one single step because the entire time I had become so consumed with “what if” thoughts that I got lost within myself. By the time I had reached the other side of the island, I had no recollection of you or the reason I had started out to begin with. There was no where else to walk unless I wanted to go right over the cliff, so I stood there and afraid as I am of heights, I forgot it all. In life you are going to have to keep on walking, and sometimes you will lose sight of your purpose, but once you reach a point where you can’t go any further…jump. Jump into the ocean and swim back to shore because although you may think you don’t know the directions it takes in order to get back, you’ll end up back at the shore, and although you may be exhausted, you’ll realize you were never lost to begin with.


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