I still have Waterloo dreams. Take me back to Chaussée de Tervuren 171 on weekends of high school where heartbreaks and love began, well we thought it was love. Take me to Le Carrefour on Drève Richelle where my mother would take us for school shopping and crepes to smother in Nutella. I want strawberry filled Bubbalo and nights at Cinema Wellington where French subtitles were a must. I want to go back to the first time I ever stepped foot in Massena and marvel at some of my first encounters, although awkward, I need to feel that “first” feeling again. I want to fly into Brussels and start all over again, from the waffle carts in Grand-Place to the endless choices within Zara, I want to go and relive it all because America isn’t me anymore, I don’t know if it really has been ever since the day that I left. 


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