Temporary Forevers.


I think he is absolutely insane and he takes some type of strange comfort in the fact that everyone feels the same way as me. He loves nothing more than to always be where people are and I am a silence junky. We go for drinks and he wants karaoke and shots and I just want to disappear. He meets at least 22 people a day and I know because one time I counted. The life of the party and a social butterfly he interacts with everyone with such ease. I often watch him work a room and I have to remind myself that he isn’t a celebrity. We are complete opposites. He likes to talk while I’m writing and watch movies in surround sound to the point where I want to scream. He can’t sleep without the TV on and once he has me in his arms he can talk all night. We’re so different. He wakes up loud and I wake up on my tippy toes, he sings in the shower rather I am sleeping or not. I once woke up and he had rearranged every single bobby pin he could find hidden in my hair and I was furious. We met at Poets and Busboys in May and the first thing he said to me is “You look like a Gemini.” I tried to walk away and he started singing Anthony Hamilton “Her Heart” and my legs carried me right to the seat beside him. We argue, and as much as he hates it he fuels it because he knows that sometimes the only way I can feel human is by screaming at the top of my lungs. And as confusing as it is as to how we ended up together he gets me. I don’t recall ever smiling so much. He chases me around no matter where we are and I always take off screaming in pure frantic joy, because I don’t think I ever knew true excitement until I met him. He jumps at the chance to tickle me until I almost die and he kisses my neck so passionately that my knees get weak. We balance each other out and as amazing as it seems, sometimes I think that maybe we’re not meant to be together. I live in the moment and so does he, and we’re young and we’re chaotic and we’re just us. He says he can tell when I’m over-thinking and he pulls me to his lap and I temporarily forget my doubts. There was a time where I told him I thought I had feelings for someone else and time froze. He sees my flightiness and he grabs my ankles every time I go to spread my wings. He knows that we both have the appetites for discovery and he holds on in this moment because he’s not ready to lose my smile yet and neither am I his.


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