La Femme Fatale.


For years now she has depended on her sexuality. Its fun and its thrilling and it has managed to keep her so excited. She loves feeling like she is in control and when her control is threatened she becomes a monster.  Shes the type to get you to fall in love and then disappear, and maybe in some alternate universe she looks back and feels remorse, but I doubt it.  And she loves to play roles because then none of her victims can ever really know her. She is a woman of many faces to say the least because you never know which one you’ll get but be assured that whichever one you actually are exposed to, you’ll never forget. She is not afraid to embrace temptation due to the fact that she embodies seduction and the art hasn’t been foreign to her since before she can remember. They say that she is a woman scorned, but you’ll never hear her speak on it and she may reminisce over shots, so she quit drinking. She is fierce because she can show so much love, with ill will embedded in the very center of her brain. For her if something goes wrong there is always a plan B, and I mean ALWAYS. She doesn’t believe in being hurt because she knows there is always someone available to feel that void, so she does what she does best and rebounds before she ever gets the chance to know pain. She could tell you about heartache but she’d rather spare you the details. She can hear a lie the moment it is uttered, and from that moment on you’ll never be aware of what is behind that smile.


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