Hearing Eye.


Quiet but she is always watching with those beautiful brown eyes of hers. You would think that she listens with her eyes and as impossible as it sounds, I think its true. In a room full of people she doesn’t speak a word and yet her body tells you a story that you can only hear if you’re watching. See its a hard thing to master, listening with your eyes and all, but she has perfected this craft and it is entrancing to watch. I was once in a room with her and not one person could keep their eyes off her because there is just something about her that is captivating. I’ve never even heard her speak before but I imagine that every word that comes from her mouth is beautiful. If I were to ever speak to her I think I’d be at a loss for words because her eyes delve into the depths of your soul so deeply that it is as though she is memorizing your very existence. I want to know what its like to listen with my eyes, even if it takes an eternity. I want the type of gaze that shakes you to the core because you just can’t understand how intensely I hear you.


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