Seek and You Will Find.


You get to a point in life where you just have to trust that if you are a good person sure bad things are going to happen to you, but amazing opportunities will introduce themselves at the same time, as long as you are not blinded by the bad. It is one thing to say you are optimistic but living it is a true challenge. Consistently forcing yourself to find the good in everyone and in every situation is draining but when I say that it is worth every bit of the time you spend doing it, it truly is. If you realized how many seconds of life you’ve ever wasted being sad or holding a grudge, you would really be surprised by the simple fact that you could have controlled that. You can chose to be happy and place yourself in situations where happiness is your only option. If it requires a move or an alteration, then take the chance and do it. Believe me I know that it is scary, but you never know what you will find, but if it is happiness you’re seeking, you will be accommodated.


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