Erotic Anticipation


I am dying to touch him, to tell him every sensation that I have when he comes around. I’ve kept my self restraint for an eternity and I don’t know how much more I can take. I have to find out how delicate his hands would feel against the arch in my back and how my hair would look when we’re done. I can’t help the fact that I stare at him and imagine a trail of kisses from his neck down to his….well you know. Thoughts of him are pulling at my clothes and begging me to give in, I try to escape them but when I’m alone  my body screams his name. He has gotten so deep in my brain that the most intense orgasm can’t even shake him loose. My body is rebelling against me and he is the absolute cause for the intense maddening satisfaction I get just by hearing or seeing his name. He has me imprisoned in my own mind constantly policing myself in order to make sure I don’t completely succumb to my own demands. And for now I can resist but I know it is only temporary, because wants my body knows what it wants, it will fight my brain until it wins. 


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