The Crazy Depths of the Mind.


I lay here and look at my skin as this beautiful chocolate golden layer starts to creep away. I stare at this fan nightly as it rotates in circles, sometimes entrancing me. If you were to walk into this room, you would probably wonder what it was I was thinking about, but I wouldn’t tell you…or at least I wouldn’t tell you the truth. The mind is a complex thing because it processes everything in the moment that it happens and can replay it back as though you were there again. I reach down and touch my legs just to make sure they’re still there…I mean to make sure I can still feel them. I check my arms as well to make sure they are still where they belong. I do this because sometimes I wonder if I’m really here, like I know that I’m alive, but what if this whole thing is just a dream mixed with nightmares at times. What if my entire life I have simply been dreaming? I know it sounds crazy but what if there was a moment that you detached yourself from reality and you didn’t even realize it happened? Here you are walking around with all these interactions that seem real, but what if they aren’t? 


One thought on “The Crazy Depths of the Mind.

  1. girl…..”I lay here and look at my skin as this beautiful chocolate golden layer” ,,,make a nigga want to split you like a croissant and finesse my shakshouka with you

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