Self Dedicated Spoken Word.


If every experience holds a blessing then it is my job to find it. If every person has some locked component of love within their soul, it is my job to drag it out and encourage them to put it to use. Something about other people’s happiness that lights a fuse in my eyes and travels to my heart. I know how much a smile means in a moment of disarray because I’ve contributed to them and I’ve watched the contagious beauty of my own. I’ve felt my heart beat a million miles a second on the brink of bursting with excitement and love, all because of a simple action. I am an idealist and as hard as it gets I know that my visionary perspective touches finger tips. I know that my utopian kisses could send chills down the most luminary being’s spine. I can whisper the most resplendent words into the ear of a stranger and be sure that what it is that I said will spark eternal emotion. I am not limited in my love because I am boundless. Any moment that I ever take to doubt myself is time wasted because I know that my potential lies in wait. 


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