The Art of Illness.


I handle stress very well…on the outside. What a lot of people don’t know about me is that health wise, stress is terrible for my body. When it comes to my health I honestly hate talking about it or even people asking me about it because I feel like it is my body and I’ll deal with it by myself, but lately I haven’t been doing too well. People can always tell if I’m sad or emotionally off by my eyes, but I feel like my health is the only thing people can’t read. I know that I should take better care of myself because I am the first to know when something is off, but sometimes I just want to ignore everything…..if my body would just let me.


3 thoughts on “The Art of Illness.

  1. Sounds very familiar. I’ve let mine go too long and now I’m paying for it. Fortunately, things are mostly reversible but I rode hard to get here. And I’ll ride hard to get back. Take care of yourself. I didn’t used to listen to anybody who said that to me. Now I get it.

    Heed your intuition.

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