Moon Affair.


Don’t ask me anything, don’t say you’re confused and don’t say you don’t understand. Just sit in this window with me and stare at the moon and forget the fact that you’re disillusioned by my confession. The Moon doesn’t judge and it doesn’t look upon the Earth as though it robs it of the daylight, so don’t change the way you look at me. And I know it’s chilly up here but just be numb in this moment. If you agree to not ruin this short lived time with words, I’ll agree to completely ignore the spider at the top of this windowsill, and if you agree to smile like what I told you didn’t hurt you, I’ll act like I never said it and blankly stare at the Moon as though it isn’t sitting heavy on my mind. I know that this comes as a surprise but I’m young and barely navigating and I’m sorry that sometimes I sit out here for so long that I miss your calls because I’m sleeping with the Moon. Every night it invites me out on this ledge so smoothly that it feels like an affair, and I’m starting to think the Moon is stealing me from you, crazy right? But as long as it comes out every night I’ll slip away from this busy universe to let the Moon control me like a tide. 


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