Empty Fields.


Watching the sunset over a golden field, I stand there heels in hand and feet in the dirt. The air is so humid that I can already taste rain and it hasn’t even begun yet…I’m waiting for a downpour. I could care less about my hair or my makeup because I haven’t felt rain in weeks. The first drop always lands directly on my eyelashes, causing me to blink with delight and stumble a little with excitement because I know this storm is coming. I see lightning in the horizon on the other side of this field and the country road behind me is filled with cars racing to make it indoors. My phone is ringing in my pocket but I have no intention of making an attempt to grab it. I look to the left and my neighbor is standing on his balcony yelling for me to get inside, but it is as though what he is saying is foreign to me. The droplets begin to pick up in speed and before I know it the sky collapses. Water hits everything and the ground becomes a little softer and my skin becomes a little wetter, but I do not move. My vision is blurred and I have to part my lips a little to breathe but I do not flinch because right now I figure that every time it rains, this is where I’m supposed to be.


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