I care for you, not because I know who you will be, but because I know who you are with me in the moments that count. I’m not looking for someone who has to tell me all the time about how great they are going to be, because I already know. I’m not interested in how much money you have or where you’ve been because I have places I want to go with you, and I’d prefer you haven’t experienced them without me. I know that we will both be busy, but as long as you make time for my smile, I’ll always support you. You have to understand that you are not dealing with someone who is going to understand the concept of idle time because I will be busy chasing my dreams, but I expect the same from you. I know there will be times where I will want nothing more than to have you laying beside me in our bed, but as long as you’re doing what you love I won’t be afraid to sacrifice. I believe in you, there has not been a doubt in my mind since the day you told me what it was you plan on accomplishing. The struggle with greatness is that sometimes you don’t have someone who is strong enough to deal with everything you become, but me….I’ll be busy becoming who I always knew I’d be. 


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