Life After College.


I don’t know if everybody feels this way, but when you graduate from college and get catapulted into the world nothing happens as you expected it to. I get frustrated because I look around and so many people I know have amazing jobs and are beginning beautiful lives and I can’t help but feel misplaced. I came out of college just knowing that a degree would make all of the difference and I would be thrown into corporate America somewhere near K Street in DC and I’ve yet to make it there. I know that it is all about patience but it becomes a little difficult when a friend of yours lands a job on Wall Street. It isn’t that I am jealous, it’s just that I want to be up there with the elite too. When people ask me how I’ve been I want to send them pictures and tell them stories of magnificence and accomplishments. I share in the joy of people progressing in life, believe me not many things make me happier, but I hope my opportunity comes knocking soon. 


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