People are going to tell you that you shouldn’t forgive, especially if they’ve seen you hurt and they love you. They are going to tell you that people can’t change and sometimes they will even tell you that you are a fool for believing in a person. In life people are going to tell you a lot of different things but you will make the decision that you choose to make. I won’t lie, sometimes your friends are absolutely right and you won’t see it because you are blinded by infatuation. You will be proven wrong and it will hurt like no other, but sometimes you’ll gain an amazing friend. What a lot of people don’t understand is that some people are brought into your life to solely be a friend, no matter how hard you guys try it will just be completely wrong, and sure it might hurt to see them with someone else for a while but eventually you’ll realize their purpose. Anytime your friends express disapproval it is most certainly valid to explore their hesitance, but what I will tell you is this: you can fall in love with a friend because friends are how most relationships start out, but if it ends up not being right don’t lose that friend. There are going to be some things you’re going to have to accept and get over, but anyone you allow in your life should never be that easy to let go, I know that anyone I’ve allowed in mine isn’t. 


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