My Cup.


Yesterday is the past. I wasn’t feeling like myself yesterday, but yesterday is over. Do you know how many yesterdays I’ve been fortunate enough to get through? I get thrown off and I cry and sometimes I just honestly need a hug but God has a way of revealing things to you when you just sit in silence. I came home today and laid on the bed and stared at the ceiling for at least 30 minutes and this is the conclusion I came to: Every time I encounter a negative situation I am handed a cup of love, sometimes I don’t even realize because often times it is handed to me subtly. I’m standing there holding this cup and all of a sudden people just walk up to me and drop single hearts into it. And I stand there confused because at first I don’t know whats happening but then I realize…When your cup is empty the people who love you as a person will never just sit idly by. I have received so much love in the past couple of days that even in being the victim of bad news my smile has yet to disappear. There has not been one day where I haven’t opened my eyes to a text that makes waking up in a time of confusion so much easier. I’m not sure why I am as lucky as I am but I know I’m in love with every single person who has ever dropped a heart into my cup.


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