I want to work with people with AIDS and there is not one ounce of fear in me. I watch how society stigmatizes AIDS victims and I refuse to do the same. See the only difference between me and them is that they we’re the unfortunate recipients of an unlucky hand, but ya’ll don’t really hear me. I am not scared of the truth, I’m not scared to accept someone for who they are in order to fully understand what it is they are going through. You can go ahead and run at the very sight of another human being, because I’ll be there ready to embrace both their sadness and their pain. If they chose to fight and live, I’ll chose to fight for their understanding because I won’t allow ignorance. Coming from a history of oppression and inequality I will never let anyone stand alone in a battle that transcends continents. AIDS is real and it’s terrifying and it’s stealing people but it is not stealing their humanity. 


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