Letting Love Prosper.


I was scrolling through an app I have on my phone that I recently downloaded called We Heart It and I came across a very interesting thing to think about, it said: “How do You know when its over?” and the answer was: “Maybe when you feel more in love with your memories than with the person standing in front of you.” Honestly I was blown away because I’ve never really stopped and thought about that. I listen to friends who have broken up with their significant other and it’s funny because they are always talking about what the person used to do or how they used to treat them,  not realizing that everything they are saying is past tense. Here this person is standing in front of you who has noticeably changed to the point where you can’t even use the present tense to describe their actions or feelings towards you, and you realize it, but you need it to be like it was. I constantly hear people say “He/She isn’t the person I fell in love with” but the fact of the matter is that people change. Rather it is for the better or for worse they change to accommodate themselves and who they think that they want or should be. People who belong together grow together and if the person you are with decides to eliminate themselves from your equation, that isn’t who you we’re meant to be with. I’m not saying that maybe later in life your paths can’t merge again, but just realize who it is standing in front of you and think about where they fit. Making memories with someone is a beautiful thing and I believe it is essential in building yourself, but why stay when all the memories you’re making in the present are bad?….Know when to let go.


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