The Thing About Family.


So…It is currently 9:25pm on a Saturday night and I’m just getting back from spending a day in WV yesterday….and can I just say that I absolutely love my family. I haven’t been back in 2 years, since my grandfather died and it seems like so much has changed. My grandmother and grandfather were together for 60 years and once he passed away I didn’t really know how to deal with it, so I kind of just stayed away. I come from an interesting and somewhat complicated family, but no matter what they have helped me through some of the best and the worst times. I have the type of family that people meet and immediately fall in love with because no matter what, they will love you to death…just like me. With so many mistakes sometimes it is hard to stick it out with each other, but we do even through times that seem to be unforgivable. I know that sometimes families can be intolerable and sometimes people feel like their families don’t understand them, but they understand you more than you know as long as the communication is kept open. There have been times where I have told my family things they definitely don’t want to know, even a time where I told them something that I thought they would stop loving me over…but they didn’t. No one’s life is always what it appears to be, but when you have people who love you unconditionally…sometimes it doesn’t matter.


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