If I Ever Have a Child….


I love you and there is nothing that you can tell me that will change my mind. I’ve watched you grow and yes there have been disappointments but can I tell you that the proud moments outweigh them? Can I tell you that when I look at you and I see you smile I forget anything you’ve ever done that made me question if I raised you right? Of all the times I’ve taken your hand and guided you, there has never been a time I wanted to let go because I always knew you we’re eager to go fourth. I let you pull me in any direction because of all the things I’ve taught you, I knew that you we’re going to have to learn on your own. You see I know that I am not always perfect and I know that some days I’ll forget that I was young once, but I promise not to forget that you are my child and where there is a will there is a way. You’ll introduce yourself to heartache and it won’t be on your own accord, but I just need you to trust that I understand and although I can’t ease the pain…I’ll be here heartbroken right along side you because I’ll forever know your hurt. See baby, I am your mother, you come from me and I know exactly who you are and I will accept you for you endlessly. There will never come a day that I look at you and claim to not know who you are, because separating myself from you is impossible. I know I’m making a lot of promises, but I also know that I can follow through with them. You will be beautiful and no matter how you come into this world I know you’ll make it so I won’t leave it the same.


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