What does the word “sorry” mean to a good person?..Pretty weird question huh? I guess the first thing on everyone’s mind would be “depends on a person’s definition of what a good person is.” But coming from a good person or a bad person, the word sorry is laced with self preservation. I say that because rather you say sorry or not, you do it because you feel terrible about something or you want to save someone else’s feelings, so when you think about it, in a way, it is a selfish word. When someone hurts you, you become hell bent on a gesture of remorse. You look for the person to validate their wrongness so that you can feel better about yourself, but for what? All the apologies in the world don’t change the fact that at the end of the day you have to decide whether to forgive or not. Maybe hearing sorry makes it easier for some people, but I’d prefer to see an apology. I prefer that from that day fourth you change and if you can’t I leave. Of course I forgive you because that is in my nature and that is how God made me, but I don’t have to stay. I think a lot of people don’t realize that sorry does not mean stay, it is an attempt in order to reconcile, that you can accept if you sense sincerity, but you can take it and leave…


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