Seek You.


Lately I’ve been talking to too many people who are afraid to be alone. I get that the fear of being alone for the rest of your life is common, but when you’re young there is so much self discovery left to be done. I commend people who are happy in their current relationships but what I don’t understand is how can you be with someone when you don’t even know who you are or the goals that you want to achieve? I always tell people that I’m at this transitional stage in my life where I’m not fully ready to involve someone. If someone happens to come along and take me by surprise, of course I will embrace it but I have a tendency of jumping in with two feet instead of just testing the waters with one. It took experience and self discovery to find that out on my own so imagine all the things that I still have left to figure out about myself. Being alone can be beautiful, it can put your mind at ease and cause you to do some much needed self reflection. We always want someone to listen and care but listen to yourself first and foremost. Be the company that you want to keep and just continue to work on yourself as much as possible. Eventually someone will come along and help you in this journey of discovery but just always keep in mind that the first person to ever unlock the things you most cherish about you…was you.


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