You have to remember that more than anything people fall in love with your words. Words have the ability to do whatever you want them to do, it just depends on how you decide to present them. The other day I was talking to this guy and I asked him to explain his passion to me and where it was he wanted to pursue it. He began to explain as though he were making a business presentation so  I abruptly stopped him and simply said, “Wait….I want you to paint me such a vivid picture that I can’t help but to become passionate about it as well.” He looked at me with the biggest smile,it was almost childlike, and by the time he was done painting with words, I was absolutely sold. At the end of our conversation he just sat there and looked at me, and of course as always, I got shy and said “Stop staring at me, why are you staring?” His response was “I am a businessman, sometimes so much so that in regular conversations I tend to throw out business proposals, but you challenge me. You won’t accept me just seeing life through my career, you ask me to give you more thought and more passion, and I admire that.” Of course I was flattered, because as lost as I am in the world right now it feels good to be able to give someone a sense of direction. I love people, and if I could have this type of conversation with a different person everyday I’d jump at the chance.


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