I’m back like I never left! So last time I checked in I had cut my hair and was moving to Maryland, and here I am…In Maryland and I want to share a story with you guys.


So one day a friend of mine had been talking to me about the butterfly effect and maybe two days later I was on my way from court for a reckless driving ticket and I hit a yellow and black butterfly. I started to freak out because I thought to myself “Could this be a coincidence?” So in typical me fashion I looked up the butterfly and it was a Swallowtail, which represents transformation and change. I left Richmond Friday afternoon and drove to Maryland and out of no where there were endless swallowtails EVERYWHERE. There had to have been at least 30 of them, to the point I turned down my music to take it all in. I thought to myself “What is it that they are trying to tell me, like what is this butterfly saga about?” And before I knew it the most inspirational thought came to my mind and I grabbed my phone (yes while driving) and wrote this: “You get nervous and you don’t know if you’re ready, but you just go because if you don’t you will never be sure if you’ll ever truly known greatness.” I have never been one of those people who believe in signs from God, but I swear at that moment I knew that I couldn’t turn back, because God clearly has a plan.


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