I was born to be compassionate. To be in tune with others pain and take their suffering in as my own because…because…..I don’t know. I don’t know why I was made this way but what I do know is that it is endless. I know that I can be so mad at a person and the moment they need me I drop everything. I know that when people cry I have to hold myself back from tears because their pain overwhelms me. I even know that someone can hurt me so bad but the minute they hit the ground I’m that hand that rushes to pull them back to their feet. I always talk about how real my love is and anyone who knows me can honestly vouch for me. And I want to hate the fact that I’m so compassionate…but I can’t. How can you hate loving people so much that you can relate even when you don’t want to? And how can you hate feeling like your tied to someone that you don’t even know in order to help them through their darkest days? I don’t know how I do it but I wake up everyday hoping that they’ll be able to seek my resilience on their own. 


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  1. I’m exactly the same way. But I think I would much rather be compassionate and feel people’s pain easily than be passive and heartless toward the struggling people around me. It seems like less and less people these days know how to empathize with others especially since we live in a very selfish culture.

    1. We honestly do live in a truly selfish culture, it is sad that people’s compassion often gets taken for granted but it doesn’t deter my genuine love for people, I’ll never allow it to.

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