Endless Love.


Sometimes I’m afraid of my own love because it is so powerful. I’m the type of person who loves people so whole heartedly and unconditionally that it starts to consume me and I don’t know how prevent it once it starts no matter what they do. My love takes over my mind and my body and my entire train of thought and it gets frustrating because I know that logically you cannot love everyone, but I’m one of those people who think to themselves, I can try. And I do just that, I try. Every time that I try, I wonder if what people say is true…Do you think that with everyone you love, when they leave, they take a piece of you with them? Because honestly I hope that they take the pieces of my love and build on their own. No matter what circumstances we leave on I want my love to be the reason they love harder. If anyone ever takes anything from me I want it to be my ability to love so hard that the fall becomes devastating, so that the next time you do fall, strength won’t be a stranger to you.


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