Spoken Word #2-My Imagination.


You love late night walks into dark skies on hot nights and I like you. You like to stay up all night lsitening to classical music that helps you write, and I like you. I like your addiction to results and your constant references to the Mariel Boatlift at the most random occurences. I like the fact that as I fall asleep you let me rub your ear as you read me Hidden Order by Brad Thor. I like that in my mind, in your past life, your name was Abrán Ruiz and you we’re a revolutionist from Costa Rica that kept Che Guevara posters all over your room, with dreams that you we’re being called to action. I like that you love my imagination and as I make up stories you paint pictures in your mind to go with the text. I like that your opinonated and our minds constantly clash because you’re strong willed, and me..we’ll me…I’m stubborn. I like that you’re a dreamer and the fact that you have the ability to become homesick over places you’ve never even been, it just makes me smile. I like that I know that the rest of the world…well….they’re missing out.


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