My Spoken Word.


He says he wants to share in my mind, wants to know the intricacies of my thoughts and the depth of my brain. Wants to talk all night and ask questions that peel away at layers…not realizing over exposure isn’t my thing. He wants to know my perspective on worldly issues and my political views, says that he can see where my love for Angela Davis stems from. He wants answers, so many answers and its refreshing to have someone who wants to delve into my consciousness, but what if for now I don’t want to think? See he loves my creativity and my uninhibited persona, the way he looks at me when I speak is like he is watching me make love with words as simple as breathing. He locks eyes with me, eager to know more, he needs more and I don’t know if I have enough words to fulfill his insatiable appetite without completely draining my word bank! (Deep breath). But he listens with the intent of understanding, not one word lost, no bias, just focus. And though I don’t know what else I can say, I realize listening is an attitude of the heart.


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