Tonight I went out with a friend that I have always been thoroughly attracted to. I don’t know what it is about the age 23 but I’m starting to change noticeably. My sexual attraction to this man was always undeniable. He is a businessman and he makes me laugh and he knows what he wants in life, but that’s not enough anymore. I sat there and I listened to him talk about his vision and his company and I asked questions as an inquiring friend, rather than someone I was interested in like before. If its one thing you begin to learn in life is that you deserve the world. You deserve a man who wants to give you his attention and his time and invite you freely into his very existence. You want a man who can not stand to go a day without you because you contribute to the reason that he smiles. He understands that you have a past but he is more interested in your present and even more willing to invest in your future. This man that I went out with tonight is going to be everything to whoever he ends up being with, but not to me. I don’t share his vision and I don’t get lost in his eyes, and honestly I’m willing to wait for that.


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