Passion Renewal.


I want to tell you how it feels to fall in love with your passion all over again. Its like the first summer you ever went to the beach and your mom hands you a vanilla ice cream cone and tells you to go play, so you run off, carefully trying not to drop it in the sand. Its like the joy you felt that time you tasted a green Laffy Taffy and became a connoisseur of the 25 cent sticks. Its like jumping into a pool on the hottest day of the Summer during a heat index of 100 degrees. Its like the first time you successfully learned to write a word out in cursive and you decided you would inevitably perfect the craft. Its like the time your Kindergarten teacher read you “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” and for a brief period every time you saw one you wondered if it was as hungry as you were told. Its like the dollar you were given every time the ice cream truck rolled into your neighborhood and you chased it down just for the Tweedy Bird with the bubblegum eyes…Falling in love with my craft makes me feel like a child again. It makes me feel like I’m ready to absorb the world and it brings back the type of smile that has seemed to be contagious recently. So do me a favor…fall in love with your passion again


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