Love vs Lust.


I often don’t fully explain my wrist tattoos because I think sometimes I can get to deep for people. On my left wrist I have the word love tattooed and on my right wrist is the word lust, but the placement is everything. The word love is on my left wrist because a woman’s left hand is where her wedding ring goes. The letter v is aligned directly with my wedding finger to remind myself to never love in vain. Everyone who knows me knows that I have a terrible fear of divorce and I never want there to be a time where I allow a ring to be placed on that finger without my love being reciprocated. On my right wrist there is no explanation for the alignment, but there is a reason for it being there. My right hand is what I refer to as the damned hand. I am right handed so I use this hand to drink, masturbate, give people the finger and so on and so fourth. This is the hand that I pay most attention to when I’m under the influence so it is my constant reminder to make sure I am not lusting as well as my constant reminder that a majority of the time if it is in this hand, I should bring myself back to reality…even if I don’t.


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