Just Remember..


Sitting and crying over things you can change, but I’ll tell you a story about 

things that remain. I can tell you there are devastations beyond your comprehension,

I can tell you some situations people will never be able to mention.

I can tell you about struggle, and not the struggle for grades, I can tell you

how it felt when I found out my cousin was dying of AIDS. I can tell you

of how Alheimers stole my grandfather, or how I watched dialysis kill him

without any answers. I can tell you about watching someone in so much

pain they wanted to die, I can show you the real tears that I saw my 

grandmother and mother cry. I can tell you about friends who will never

be the same after abortions, or women who now suffer from incurable 

choices. I can tell you about men in jail who are missing their children’s lives

all because a young decision they couldn’t just set aside. I can tell you

about addictions and the heartache that they bring, to not only you,

but your family too, to the point where it will never be the same. See

people often ask me how I handle stress so well, but drinking is one

of those secrets I hold on to, so occasionnally I can bail. But in life

people don’t realize that a gift can be a curse, so I always have to

remind myself life could definitely be much worse.


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