I’m not brilliant and sometimes that scares me. I look around at the world and I see endless pillars of success and I know that I lack in comparison. The strange thing is that it isn’t people that I’m looking at, its just creations in general. I remember being in Italy and standing outside the Coliseum and thinking to myself how breath taking it was and how could anyone make something so beautiful and so worth existence. I remember standing outside of the Eiffel Tower and thinking to myself how small I was in comparison to it. What I remember thinking the most after being thrown into the vicinity of such masterpieces is how could I do the same. What am I going to do to be able to make a difference? What could I make that would strike people so intensely that it would bring them to tears?..And I don’t know. I don’t know how to bring words off the page anymore the way that I want to. I’m wondering if life became so mundane that my mind is now dulled and I can’t give the words life anymore. I need to be moved again, to be creatively stimulated to a point where the words just flow, but I don’t know where to even go to feel what Vespasian felt when he wanted to build the Coliseum, or where Maurice Koechlin sat to envision the Eiffel Tower…..Help.


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  1. Your Are Just as Big spiritually as the Physical. You can start making small change by giving back and volunteering which would spark the mind of children seeing a young Women as radiant and talented as you are. Your true fear is that your powerful beyond measure , and that all this mundane society does is measure your abilities through the material things you acquire, but you must let that go and look up and reach for the sky because you can touch it believe it or not , just continue to express yourself in every and all moments that you feel the need to and instantly change will be right in your grasp.

      1. I enjoy motivation my friends and family with the present potential and nothing more or less. i am blessed and in any shape or form I would like to extend those blessing to all because that’s how you keep it going. i also just put a reminder in my phone to call a place I use to volunteer at, so that I can give back again free of pay just offering my time

  2. inside the beautiful Soul of Yours, I was touched by your words, and i think once we realize we change the world, everyday, with every thought, every word ( the butterfly effect ) then we can start changing it how we like.. Follow your Heart, what ever is your Passion if its moving the pen, then you will move minds and souls, what ever it may be, know thats how you will Change the world.. Great thoughts.. And Keep Shining!!

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