7 Things Feminists Always Have To Explain To Everybody Else

Thought Catalog

1. That feminism is the organized advocacy on behalf of the rights of women. As an ideology it is the concept that men and women are equal socially, economically and politically. Understanding this is a crucial basis for also understanding misconceptions within the movement.

2. That not agreeing with one aspect of it does not count as an “excuse” as to why you are against it. With any ideology, you do not have to subscribe to every part of it. Such is the case with religion, spirituality, politics, etc. The people who say that they do not believe in feminism, or they are anti-feminism may be caught in the idea that associating with that term automatically makes them pro-abortion (an issue which I will discuss in a moment) or means you don’t want to get married and have children if that’s what you most aspire to be and do, but it…

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